About Us

Fuzzys is a registered Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre, established in 1997.

We are a fully multi-cultural, diverse daycare in Pinelands. A stone through away from Old Mutual, we cater for and offer your young ones the opportunity to observe and respect all religions and cultures. We celebrate diversity and multiculturalism and strive to avoid bias in our programme and to instil an attitude of respect and tolerance. We also emphasize knowledge, understanding and respect for our environment. We accommodate children with special needs whether they are physical, emotional or educational. Our staff concentrate on assisting children towards independence by establishing a healthy sense of attachment. Children are encouraged to identify and verbalise feelings and staff model this in their interactions.

To ensure holistic development, as a base methodology Fuzzys educators use the Emergent curriculum. For our older kids, we also follow the CAPS curriculum. Not only do we prepare them mentally for “Big” school but physically and emotionally as well.

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